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I finally did a bit of a photo shoot for the bunny hoodie!  Unfortunately, Suzuha was feeling bratty and her shoes, while utterly cute, are a bit hard to stand her in, so I didn’t get much variety of posing.  I tried to capture the feel of the hoodie, though: casual, cute, urban.





Later edit:

Squee!  The postie came, bearing the yarn I needed to finish my Presto Chango!  Now, do I finish that, or get on with doll knitting?  Questions, questions…

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Progress and a slight delay

I finished my bunny hoodie (tentatively named Ur-Bun) in MiniGem size!  I haven’t had a proper chance to photograph it yet, since I finished it exactly in time for a doll meet!  Several local collectors met up to enjoy the spring sunshine…unfortunately the spring wind foiled all our attempts to get the dolls to stand up!  I did snap this photo of Suzuha and Rada together, so you can get a sense of how the hoodie turned out, as well as just how tiny Suzuha is compared to most dolls!


The Island community has all the standard sizes of doll as well as a few unusual ones (like Suzuha), but I have to say, there’s a disproportionate number of slim minis mixed in there!  At this meet we had four MiniFee Shiwoos, and they weren’t even the sum total of MNFs – we also had a pair of ShuShus, one open and one dreaming-eyed.  And I know there are at least 2 more MNFs in Victoria…one day we’ll have to get together for a Fee-only meet, just to enjoy the mad variety!  I didn’t get a picture once our fourth Shiwoo arrived, just the three together, but they’re such handsome fellas I wanted to share!


I had the chance to network a little and float the idea of meeting up with people to try on some more bunny-related items I’m planning to design, with an eye to eventually releasing an e-pattern book.  The speed I work, I might not have all the patterns ready until next spring, but it’ll happen I’m sure.  And drawing on the community means I can design for some of the sizes (most importantly the Yo-SD size) I don’t own.  Yay!

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I got the hood looking the way I wanted it!


It quite evidently needs blocking, and I haven’t woven in the ends or sewn the hem, but it’s a sweater now!  Speaking of getting things the way I want them, I traded eyes between Suzuha and Posy, and I’m thrilled.  They are a tad big for her (8mm Gina Rolos, when I think 6mm would be best) but I like the lighter colour and the quality of the glass.  These are gorgeous eyes and Posy’s half-closed eyes really didn’t do them justice.  The wig is great too, and I am just in love with the colour!


I have been looking at pictures of rabbits all weekend as I design the bunny ears.  I’m not sure if I’m going to come up with anything more original or more accurate than anything else out there, but I did really want to have a look and make sure I wasn’t perpetuating any wrong ideas.  And I want to do something interesting with the ears, as I am thinking of using them for a couple of other related projects/patterns down the road.  But when you come right down to it, there’s only so much you can do with a slightly pointy oval, right?

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Back to the drawing board?

I was really excited last night.  I’d finished knitting the hood of the sweater I’m working on for Suzuha – all that remained was to bind off/seam it and then start designing bunny ears!  I had decided I didn’t want to do the hood the same way as BoxHood, so I thought I’d try using short rows the way you do when turning the heel of a sock.


It didn’t so much work out the way I hoped.



I think that’s way worse than the point on BoxHood, not to mention the fact that somehow, although I was measuring as I went, it’s way too tall for her!  I kind of squished it down on her head for the photos which makes it look passable, but in fact if you let it stand straight, it’s about a cm above the top of her head – it’ a very strange look.  Fortunately I didn’t break the yarn yet, so I will just rip out the last couple centimetres and see what else I can figure out…I have some ideas already, now that I can see what’s happening to the fabric.  But maybe, you know, tomorrow.  Or next week.  I need some time to recover from the disappointment.

(On the up side, you can see her new wig in these photos, and I just received and tried on a big passel of the Barbie clothes I bought on eBay so I look forward to having more styles available next time I feel like a photoshoot!)

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Spring flowers

Yesterday was a beautiful day for taking pictures.  I’m kind of in love with this one.


That is all.

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Welcome home Suzuha!

Please welcome the newest member of my doll crew, Suzuha!  As far as the resin goes, Suzuha is a Soom Faery Legend Idrial, standing 28cm tall in her human feet and 30cm tall if I can ever get the S-hook into her fairy legs.  Who she is, though, is an autumn fairy come all the way from Japan (her name means “bell-shaped or crumpled leaf”).  She marks several firsts for me: first limited edition doll (Idrial was only sold for a couple of weeks back at the end of October), first in this size range, and first body blushing (I usually don’t care enough to pay for it, but in this case it was the only way to get her wings painted). I still don’t feel like I’ve “caught” her with my camera, but here’s a taste (the hat was not meant to go over a wig, but she wanted to try it on anyway):


I put together a little homecoming photo story after the jump.  It was fun – it’s been a long time since I did any multi-doll “story” type photography, not since before I got both Edik and Posy.

Note that there is some dolly nudity, so the photo shoot’s not suitable for most workplaces.


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BJD Pattern Index

I’ve been working on this for a while, but now it’s finally up to date.  I’ve collected all of the ball-jointed doll patterns posted in the pattern thread on Den of Angels into a spreadsheet, along with direct links to the particular post.  Eventually I intend to update it to include patterns posted elsewhere on DoA, and to use it to add them all to Ravelry, but for now I thought 9 pages was enough to go through.

I have noted the type of garment and the size(s) it’s meant for: x-large for 65-80cm dolls, large for 55-60cm, mini for standard minis around 45cm, slim mini for mature minis like Unoa and MiniFee around 43cm, large tiny for 25-35cm tinies (Yo-SD size), and super tiny for the 10-15cm littles.  There were one or two pieces for other sizes; I’ve noted them separately.

And so I present: the DoA Pattern Thread Index!

Please let me know if there are any mistakes, broken links, etc. or if there’s a feature you’d like added to future versions.

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Snow Days

It doesn’t snow often here on the wet coast.  Rarer still to get more than a centimetre or so, and for it to stick around more than a day.  Well, it started snowing on Monday and there’s still white stuff out there now, although temperatures are supposed to rise and rain to fall this afternoon.  They say make hay while the sun shines; I say take photos while the snow falls!

Here is Snegurochka, the snow maiden, in her natural habitat.


And look – an elf!  Perhaps he got lost on his way up north!



A little girl took advantage of this rare opportunity to make a snowman.  Something about the white light from the snow makes her rosy cheeks even more adorable!




The coat Rada is wearing is a pretty heavily adapted Swing Thing (Rav link), knit from locally sourced hand spun alpaca that I picked up at the Saanich Fair a couple of years ago.  Adapting the coat was a big pain in the butt because I was absolutely going to use this yarn, come hell or high water, but the smallest gauge I could get was 1/2 the written one, instead of the 1/3 gauge I needed in order to just follow the pattern.  If anyone’s interested in the details, I wrote a bit in my project notes over at Ravelry.  In the end, I think it turned out amazingly well and I’m glad I didn’t give up and switch yarn.  The heavier fabric is just perfect for the look of this coat – it looks perfectly believable as winter outerwear.

I was still working on the coat on Monday when I took the first photos (in fact, I’d put it down in favour of giftmas-related knitting until I saw white stuff drifting down).  I was worried that I’d miss the snow (no such luck!), but in the end the delay was a blessing.  Gareth took a snow day or two this week (-5 and snowy?  Not the best day to start building a fence!) & we spent Tuesday hauling bins out of storage that have been there since the spring when we had to HIDE ALL THE STUFF because the house we rent a suite in was on the market.  We got rid of a tonne of stuff and found a few things we’d been missing – including the doll stands I tried unsuccessfully to hunt down for the first snow day.  I don’t normally bother with stands – the dolls do extremely well on their own 2 feet, especially when stood on a table or shelf – but for outdoor photo shoots, it’s nice not to have to worry about this:


Dignity, Vasilisa’s got it!

Anyway, now that I’ve got a bunch of lovely photos out of it, the snow can just blow back from whence it came for the rest of the winter.  Unless it wants to come and hang out for a day or two at Christmas…

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I Hate To Housekeep

I finished the photoshoot I’ve mentioned a few times and have uploaded the photos to the MochiMochi Land flickr account.  I’ll be sure to post later this month if any of them make the semi-finalist cut (fingers crossed!).

For now, may I present for your enjoyment Posy and Omnominatr0n in I Hate To Housekeep!


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Sewing Machine Blues

I feel a bit like this today:


I swear I emit some sort of strange energy field that breaks sewing machines.  I’ve been working on a diorama for the I hate to housekeep photoshoot I’m planning.  Originally I was thinking living room, but I decided bedroom would work a bit better, and I was going to sew a little coverlet for the bed.  Actually it’s not a bed; it’s the box my iPod touch came in, which happens to be about the right size for a bed belonging to someone 11cm tall.  But with a nicely hemmed square of fabric and a little fleece pillow, it will look plenty cozy.  Or it would, if I could get the damn sewing machine to work!  I don’t even know what’s wrong…the needle will just stop in its lowest position for no reason that I can discern.  I’m sure something is wrong with my bobbin thread, but damned if I can figure out what it is.  I’ve spent 2 hours so far taking the thing apart and putting it back together again with no success…I could have hemmed the coverlet by hand by now!  Maybe then I wouldn’t feel so frustrated.  The worst thing is, I can tell there’s nothing seriously wrong with the machine, as my sister was just over here a few weeks ago to hem her curtains.  She pulled it out, turned it on, and away it went!  So it must be me.

Time to take a walk and then have another stab at it when I get home.

some hours later…

News flash!  I had no idea you could change the bobbin out without taking apart the entire shuttle assembly!  Durr!  Still can’t get the thing to run, though.

even later…

Definitely sewing this puppy by hand.  Phooey!

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