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So, that commission for a friend?  That I’m going to write up a pattern for?  Finished, blocked, and “photographed” this morning!  I say “photographed” because none of my dolls are remotely in the same size category as the Dollshe men (the doll this is for is an older version of these guys, so he looks a bit different, but the same height and style).  My closest in height, Vasilisa (who’s off limits anyway as she’s visiting my sister to have some pants fitted), is a mere 57cm tall.  Dollshe dolls are 70cm.  Add to that that they’re freakishly skinny for their height, and…there really is no parallel.  But I hate photographing garments lying flat on the windowsill.  They are meant to be filled out, three-dimensional.  So I asked Edik if he would give me a hand.



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