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Yay!  I got Friday’s mystery bobble-involving project finished in time!  I may have still been working on it in the car on the way over, but what matters is that it was finished before I walked in the door.  Yes, that right there is a Dalek-shaped bodum cozy, a housewarming present for my fabulous sister, who got me into Doctor Who by showing me the first episode of Torchwood and then saying, “but it makes a lot more sense if you’ve seen Doctor Who.”  So I had to check out the 2005 reboot, one thing led to another, and before I knew it G and I were watching all of the extant episodes (I think John Pertwee is my favourite of the original doctors, although Tennant is “my” Doctor).

I worked from Caffeinate, a free pattern by Coryna Blasko.  I think her combination of ribbing and bobbles really captures the Daleks’ paneled look.  The only thing the pattern misses is their weapon and suction cup manipulator.  Like a few others on Ravelry, I worked a little i-cord to make up for the omission (to make the suction cup I increased as for a hat every second row until I reached my desired circumference, then decreased similarly and folded the resulting bulb in on itself to form a suction cup with no bumpy purl side), and shoved the plastic sticks from a couple of cotton swabs in so they’d stand up (it’s hard to fear a Dalek with a droopy suction cup arm).

There was a lot going on at the Hallo-warming party where my Dalek made his debut, so I didn’t get the kind of detailed, natural-light photos I might have hoped for, but I did get this snap of the bodum cozy boogie-ing down with a glow stick.  Who knew Daleks liked to dance?


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