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Dearli is finished and blocking.

I have some dolly knitting almost finished.

But right now I need to take a break…because GISHWHES!!!  No time for knitting (unless knitting something for points) – I have to help my international team, Spacebees Loves Shenanigans, compete to gather the craziest photos and videos imaginable to gain points to hopefully become the winning team that goes to Scotland and spends a weekend in a haunted castle with the insane mastermind behind the whole thing – actor Misha Collins.

If you are participating in GISHWHES yourself, GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!  If you’re not…you can still support Team Spacebees (or any other team you know to be participating)!  One of the challenges is to see how many people we can get to pledge to perform one random act of kindness (RAK) before the end of 2012.  Anything, from buying a coffee for the next person in line, to donating blood, to volunteering at your local soup kitchen.  Pledging is easy and painless and FREE, simply go to the pledge page, enter your name and email (and the act you plan to perform if you know what it is already), and enter my email address as the person who referred you.  [email redacted post-event]

GISHWHES will not email you (unless you choose to sign up to their email list) or share your email address – it’s just there to make sure you are a real person who’s not me.  I hope that even if you don’t want to pledge in my name (gaining my team 1 point per 2 people who pledge), you will consider performing a RAK this year and every year.  GISHWHES is about craziness, but GISHWHES is also about love, so let’s all share the love and good wishes and may the craziest team win!

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Yay!  I got Friday’s mystery bobble-involving project finished in time!  I may have still been working on it in the car on the way over, but what matters is that it was finished before I walked in the door.  Yes, that right there is a Dalek-shaped bodum cozy, a housewarming present for my fabulous sister, who got me into Doctor Who by showing me the first episode of Torchwood and then saying, “but it makes a lot more sense if you’ve seen Doctor Who.”  So I had to check out the 2005 reboot, one thing led to another, and before I knew it G and I were watching all of the extant episodes (I think John Pertwee is my favourite of the original doctors, although Tennant is “my” Doctor).

I worked from Caffeinate, a free pattern by Coryna Blasko.  I think her combination of ribbing and bobbles really captures the Daleks’ paneled look.  The only thing the pattern misses is their weapon and suction cup manipulator.  Like a few others on Ravelry, I worked a little i-cord to make up for the omission (to make the suction cup I increased as for a hat every second row until I reached my desired circumference, then decreased similarly and folded the resulting bulb in on itself to form a suction cup with no bumpy purl side), and shoved the plastic sticks from a couple of cotton swabs in so they’d stand up (it’s hard to fear a Dalek with a droopy suction cup arm).

There was a lot going on at the Hallo-warming party where my Dalek made his debut, so I didn’t get the kind of detailed, natural-light photos I might have hoped for, but I did get this snap of the bodum cozy boogie-ing down with a glow stick.  Who knew Daleks liked to dance?


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It was my sister’s birthday yesterday.

On Wednesday, I’d had a fabulous idea for a present.  I just got some basic needle-felting equipment last weekend – so far, I’ve used it to make mushroom decorations for my terrariums (which I will post about eventually, I promise).  I was trying to think if I could needle-felt something related to the fandom she, I, and another friend have been geeking out over hardcore lately: Supernatural.  Well.  I present for your enjoyment the one, the only Angel Banishing Badge!


This is an Enochian sigil that’s used several times in the last few seasons of the show.  It’s frequently rendered in blood, which is part of the reason I used the colours I did (also, I only bought five colours of roving to start with).  There’s a safety-pin sewn to the back so it can be pinned to clothing or a bag (next to her IDJIT and ASSBUTT pins, which also reference the show) or used as a tie clip.  Of course, I was sewing the pin on as she walked in the door for her party, so excuse me for not showcasing the back…I assure you, it’s totally professionally, carefully, perfectly sewn, no half-assedness at all!

I expect I have a lot to learn about needle-felted applique like this – I totally winged this project because I had so little time I didn’t want to go searching out tutorials – but I enjoyed it a lot and I think I will be making more like this.  Only, you know, next time I’ll sew the pin on the right way around.  :headdesk:

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