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It’s been a productive week!  I released a pattern, made a tutorial, finished Sample No. 2 of the pattern (with variations!), had time to knit up a doll-size version of the ever-so-delightful Woodland Hoodlet from Tiny Owl Knits, and still had time to be going “uhh, what am I going to knit next?” yesterday evening!

I celebrated the summer solstice first by getting up at 3:30 AM, so as to be at a local park by 4, to welcome the sun with song on the longest day of the year.  My family has been doing this for something over 10 years now – we’re not religious, but since we celebrate Christmas in a fairly Christian manner, it seems only right to balance with the celebration of a good old Pagan holiday.  After we sing up the sun, it’s back to my mother’s house for waffles and bacon, yum!  And then, what to do with the rest of the day?  Take advantage of the sunshine for a photoshoot in the garden, of course!


Enjoy the rest under the jump!


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I just released my second pattern this month!  It’s another free download through Ravelry, available here.  If you are having trouble with picking up stitches, do view the photo tutorial I made, and please don’t be shy about commenting if it’s still confusing.  No new photos yet, but I’m working on the standard Mini sample, so look for another photo shoot soon!

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