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WIP roundup

Since the doll meet, I’ve been doing more knitting than photography, and lots of work on slow/big projects.  But I figured it was time for a State Of The WIP update, as I have made progress on a bunch of things recently, far off as the end of any of them feels!

First, I was working on the Dollshe 70cm turtleneck (pattern will be available once I finish knitting the thing), although I haven’t picked it up since I finished the body.  Just two more sleeves to go…the Dollshe guys are SO HUGE even compared to my biggest doll, and because in my opinion a masculine style sweater should really be on the long side…well, the sweater felt like it was chugging along beautifully until I hit about 15cm and then I just wanted to be done already!  But there were fully 5 more centimetres to go before I reached the length I’d decreed to be minimally sufficient.  Anyway, the colour is awesome and I am hoping to get this one done by the end of the month.


Mostly I’ve been focussing on the blanket for my hope chest.  Did you forget about it?  I almost did!  But if you recall my friends who were expecting their first child a few posts back, well, they have a beautiful daughter now!  She is a super cutie and has been doing nothing to quell my baby rabies!  I generally figure, those who can, do; those who can’t, KNIT!  There are a bunch of awesome baby patterns I want to start on, but first I have to finish this sucker or I will never respect myself.  Fortunately, when I picked it up again last week I somehow gained miraculous skills of knitting speedy garter stitch, and in no time had finished what turns out to be the last black stripe (since I’m not buying any more yarn for this ridiculous thing, no sir!).  I figure I have about 3 more rows’ worth of black and, um, about 1.5 more stripes of blue?  Something like that.  But I’m going to call it done after this last stripe (which I’m about halfway through!), which makes one more stripe than the small size as written.  But between knitting it double (so, looser) and using larger needles (I’m using FOUR circs, so I went with what I owned 2 of already and picked up a couple more from the $1 store), I think it’s pretty close in size to the large version.  This blanket is epic.  I now have mad respect for anyone who manages to knit full size blankets for an actual bed!


(The colour is pretty true in the above picture, although in person the blue has a bit more of a purple-ish cast.  In the below photo, you can really tell that I drag the darn thing all over my infrequently-vacuumed, cat-infested house…I am really looking forward to finishing it so I can throw it in the wash!)


Finally, I’ve been plugging away at my Bintje Socks!  They look awesome and feel great (I know because I have worn the first one, if only for long enough to snap a blurry webcam photo) and I’m pretty much exactly 1/3 of the way done sock #2.  I’m totally in love with the yarn, too, although it’s a bit splitty.  The colours are delightful and it’s wonderfully smooth.  Sometimes I wish I’d chosen a more solid pattern to showcase it, though.  Oh well…I am still learning that my love of variegated yarn and my love of lace don’t always work well together in the same garment!


All I can say is, I hope my next post is a roundup of FOs!  I’m hungry for some completion!

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