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So I noticed a lot of folks coming in from my sister Insoulated’s Tumblr and I just wanted to give y’all a shout out and make a quick post about the Angel-Banishing Sigil I made for her to give Misha Collins in Rome (OH. EM. GEE.).  Check it out!


This is the third sigil I’ve felted.  The first was for my sister on her last birthday; the second was for the Desert Bus craft-along (have you seen my button up there at the top right?).  I learned a lot along the way – originally, I had needle-felted the base as well as the sigil from loose wool fibre.  For Desert Bus, I used a fine felting needle to needle-felt laceweight wool yarn (100% merino; not washable/superwash) onto some super-fancy, handmade wool felt that the local yarn store imports from the Netherlands, which allowed me to make the button flatter and more evenly round.  After Desert Bus, my friend Tally of Tally’s Treasury put up a tutorial for making banana birds and I realised that blanket stitching was perfect for a piece like this – why didn’t I think of it before?  The final product, with more of the same wool yarn for the edge stitching, is what you see above, a pin-backed Angel Banishing Sigil that you can take with you everywhere you go!

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You might have noticed the shiny new button up in the right-hand corner there, the one that says Desert Bus Crafter, and you might be wondering what that’s about.  Well, Desert Bus for Hope is a charity gaming marathon, where a team of awesome people formed around the folks from Loading Ready Run play the world’s most boring videogame (Desert Bus, a real-time cross-country coach-driving experience) for as long as the money (ultimately donated to Child’s Play) keeps rolling in.  As the drivers try to stay awake during their 24-hour shifts at the wheel, everybody else participates in live chat, wacky challenges, auctions, and giveaways – with perhaps a few celebrity cameos and call-ins as well!  If you’re a geek and/or you like to support charity and/or you like to see people engage in ridiculousness for a good cause, you have to check them out, starting tomorrow (as I write this, the countdown is at 20 hours and change) and continuing for at least 94 hours…more as new donations come in!

Some of the auctions and giveaways are sponsored corporately.  There’s some amazing-looking stuff from Wizards of the Coast if you like Magic: The Gathering or D&D.  There are video game sets, including some that have been signed by Big Names or are phenomenally hard to find.  But in my opinion the coolest stuff that comes out of Desert Bus is the craft-along!  For months now, crafters around the world have been working on geeky videogame- and fandom-related projects large and small.  Some will be auctioned off, others will be given away.  A crochet Dalek!  A skirt with tetris blocks on it!  A gorgeous glass plate with the Minecraft Creeper on it (best snack server ever)!  TWO THREE COOKING MAMA APRONS OMG!  IT’S OKAY, MAMA WILL HELP YOU SUPPORT CHARITY!

And, well, there’s this:

That right there is the slightly more finessed sibling of the Angel-Banishing Sigil I made for my sister’s birthday.  I bought pre-made felt for the button itself, then needle-felted the sigil on with yarn again.  This one has a proper pin back and everything, not just a safety pin sewn on with silk yarn!  And it was photographed by someone with a modicum of skill!

I’m really happy to be even such a small part of this epic charity event.  I know I’ll be tuning in to support the Desert Bus folks, and I hope you will too!

I was just looking at it on their site thinking about the grey backing (I wanted black but it was out of stock) and I had this awful facepalm moment where I realised I could have done both layers in the same red as the front.  Oh well, live and learn…

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It’s been all wool all the time here recently, which feels right since the sky has turned permanently grey and it’s chilly and rainy most of the time.  Cuddling up on the couch, knitting with wool on bamboo needles as I sip spiced black tea is pretty much the only way to get through November in Victoria.  Winter does wonders for my productivity, though…first up, Mr. Salamander’s socks are finished!


Actually, as best I can remember, I finished them sometime about ten days ago, but I haven’t had an opportunity to photograph them properly.  What with the time change and winter coming on, there’s a pretty slim margin of photograph-ready time between Mr. Salamander coming home from work and the sun going down, and I’ve been very busy with music stuff as well.  So finally yesterday we he took a break from playing Skyrim and I got some natural-light photos.  I really enjoyed this pattern (Paper Moon from the recent Knitty).  It was easy to memorize but I never found it boring, and of course it looks fantastic in this yarn.  Speaking of which, I envy Mr. Salamander so hard right now, because not only was Everything Old’s Hopscotch sock yarn a treat to knit up, it feels fantastic on the feet, soft and smooth, but springy enough that I’m sure the socks will wear well.  It’s a good thing his feet are bigger than mine, or I’d probably steal these right off his feet!

I’ve also started some Christmas knitting.  Every year, sometime in the summer, someone mentions that they’re knitting/crocheting/designing something for Christmas and I think “Hmm, that’s a good idea, avoiding the last minute rush.  But I gave X and Y such-and-such last year and I probably don’t need to do any holiday knitting this year.”  Invariably, sometime in October or November some brilliant idea occurs to me and I just have to make this gift which will totally be perfect for someone on my list.  So here I am, in mid-November, having just finished one such gift, and about to start a second.  I won’t post details until after the holidays, but here’s a teaser photo of the finished item.  It’s knit from Noro Kureyon, and although the colourway wasn’t quite what I thought it would be from looking at it in a ball (when is it ever, with Noro?), I like it a lot.


As part of my ongoing self-challenge to become a better knitter, I tried out the fourth method for evening out ribbing presented at TECHknitting, “Slipping.”  It’s definitely more work than just working normally, although as she writes, my fingers did learn to do it pretty quickly.  There are lots of times when I don’t imagine I’d bother with this technique, but for anything with all-over ribbing, or for gift projects like this one, it does really make a difference on that last, messy knit stitch.  I wish I’d known about it when I did my last doll sweater commission!

Finally, I continue to add to the hope chest.  Sheepy Soakers are my current go-to simple transportable project.  I picked up several colours of Cascade 220 wool and I figure I’ll knit 1-2 soakers out of each, then put the remnants together into a Sheepy Sack or two.  I’ve also started embellishing them (colourwork is another technique I’m challenging myself to become more comfortable with)…with sayings from Supernatural, of course.  Remember at the end of Season Five when Castiel is trying to get someone’s attention?  If you don’t, you should go watch it, right now.  It’s an amazing episode in a fantastic season.  Anyway, it was too perfect not to put on a soaker:


I actually charted out the full sentence (“Hey, ass-butt!”) but apparently when I cast on for this sucker (in the dark while watching an orchestral concert) I mistakenly cast on something in between newborn and small size, instead of the actual number for small as I’d intended, which meant I didn’t have as many rows as I thought I would and I had to cut something.  Not that I’d, you know, calculated out the correct number ahead of time or anything.  I think I’ll try the full sentence again, maybe on a medium size soaker, and I’m thinking of charting the protection-from-demon-possession sigil as well, because goodness knows babies are tough enough to look after without being possessed by evil beings as well!

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It was my sister’s birthday yesterday.

On Wednesday, I’d had a fabulous idea for a present.  I just got some basic needle-felting equipment last weekend – so far, I’ve used it to make mushroom decorations for my terrariums (which I will post about eventually, I promise).  I was trying to think if I could needle-felt something related to the fandom she, I, and another friend have been geeking out over hardcore lately: Supernatural.  Well.  I present for your enjoyment the one, the only Angel Banishing Badge!


This is an Enochian sigil that’s used several times in the last few seasons of the show.  It’s frequently rendered in blood, which is part of the reason I used the colours I did (also, I only bought five colours of roving to start with).  There’s a safety-pin sewn to the back so it can be pinned to clothing or a bag (next to her IDJIT and ASSBUTT pins, which also reference the show) or used as a tie clip.  Of course, I was sewing the pin on as she walked in the door for her party, so excuse me for not showcasing the back…I assure you, it’s totally professionally, carefully, perfectly sewn, no half-assedness at all!

I expect I have a lot to learn about needle-felted applique like this – I totally winged this project because I had so little time I didn’t want to go searching out tutorials – but I enjoyed it a lot and I think I will be making more like this.  Only, you know, next time I’ll sew the pin on the right way around.  :headdesk:

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